Accredited clinical sequencing services

Validated sequencing workflows increase diagnostic confidence.

Proven clinical excellence

Our CLIA licensed and College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited clinical sequencing offers physicians, clinical diagnostic labs, and clinical researchers access to high quality sequencing services managed under CLIA regulations.

The Broad has analyzed more than 300,000 clinical samples and 38 million COVID tests, delivering trusted results with rapid turnaround for clinical use and in support of clinical trials.

Licensed and accredited clinical sequencing services

CLIA Number: 22D2055652
CAP Number: 8707596

Expertise in clinical assay development and validation

Mucin1 kidney disease (MKD) assay development and clinical validation

Explore the development, clinical validation, and implementation of a novel mass-spectrometry based CLIA assay that reliably detects a single-base insertion mutation within a 60bp repeat unit In the MUC1 gene.

Clinical whole genome sequencing at scale

Learn about the validation of our end-to-end Illumina PCR-free WGS pipeline, including laboratory, analytical, and computational analyses.

Validation of the Firehose somatic variant calling pipeline for clinical whole exome sequencing

Learn about the validation of Firehose tools, MuTect and Indelocator, for somatic variant calling applied to clinical WES data from matched tumor and normal patient samples.

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