Genomic test ordering, simplified

Our provider portal features an easy ordering process for rapid delivery of high-quality genomic data.

A simpler way to get actionable data

Healthcare providers need a clinical genomic sequencing partner that is easy to work with and consistently delivers quality results, on time.

The Broad’s clinical sequencing service includes a provider portal with API support for easy order entry, access to reports and raw data, and contact with customer support. Our streamlined process ensures that you receive actionable data within a guaranteed 28-day timeframe.

High quality clinical testing services

Our clinical sequencing platform supports two accredited workflows: whole genome sequencing (WGS) and whole exome sequencing (WES). All data is shared with the submitting institution to enhance clinical interpretation.

Quality testing and data security: Your samples are in good hands.

  • CLIA licensed, CAP accredited lab
  • Data security to protect the privacy of health information
  • Multiple sample types accepted
  • Secure clinical report delivery and interpretation
  • Collaborate with the global leader in genomics

Ready to get started?

Let’s discuss how we can streamline access to genomic data to support patient care.